The Time Lord

I want to be a timelord
A latter day Doctor Who
Travelling through many dimensions
With a very singular crew
A glamorous and helpful companion
Short skirted with wide trusting eyes
Would help me to deal with all dangers
And ever be there at my side
Negotiating final frontiers
As we travelled through space and through time
When I rescued her from the daleks
I know she would always be mine
We'd see off the sinister cybermen
Blow out the zarbis as well
I'd make wisecracks and acerbic comments
And watch her fall under my spell
We'd drink nectar while encircling Neptune
We'd feast on a Saturnian moon
Then jive to a Jovian jukebox
Pumping out a Plutonian tune
Alone at last in the Tardis
I'd turn the flashing lights low
Take a break from conserving the cosmos
And make love for a light year or so

Richard Raftery