Thought For The Week

Have you ever noticed how much vitriol is heaped on London Tube Train Drivers? This is due to recently secured pay deals. Yet at the same time we are constantly being told that the gap between rich and poor is widening, there is too much poverty and so on. The solution is always presented as the need for more social mobility. But even if we reach this (improbably) utopian state where the most able, regardless of their background, secure the top jobs, we would still have large numbers of people living in poverty, though doubtlessly they would deserve it, as a result of being incapable of rising up the ladder of economic success. But politicians should stop presenting social mobility as some sort of cure for all society's ills, including poverty, as it clearly is not. They should also stop demonising workers who actively seek to better their position by joining trade unions and campaigning collectively for better pay and working conditions.