Smart Boy Wanted


ISBN  0-9545935-0-2

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 Review by Sue Ashdown

Raftery's first published collection is an entertaining melange interspersed with whimsical illustrations. Favourites include 'Gobbed in Town' , 'The Keck King' and 'The Walton Wedding' as well as many titles which have rarely been performed in public. ''The Last Taxi Ride' and 'The Dead Shepherd' focus on darker, more turbulent aspects of human nature. Raftery's writing is frequently humorous, often provocative but always absorbing. This is the perfect gift to give to anyone who thinks they don't like poetry.



 Raftery's second collection.

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Review by 'Our Kev' (Lead Singer of Smokestack)

This, the second collection from the Poet Himself, finds Raftery aiming a cannonade of his verbal grapeshot at various aspects of the modern lifestyle including apathetic voters and news bulletins. Hilarious verses such as Grinding Bones sit easily alongside the wistful, suburban sadness of 'Mateus Rose Years'. Some titles, such as the paean to a Coronation Street siren of yesteryear (The Ballad of Lucille Hewitt) would not look out of place on a Half-Man Half-Biscuit compilation. A truly excellent publication!

.....a lengthy session then ensued!

Richard Raftery,  pictured on his recent tour of Ireland where he performed both poetry and music (folk, country and bluegrass) with his band Powder Keg (above L-R Mike, Richard, Christine and Graeme).