Ask The Mothers

The recruiting sergeant says sign here
And we’ll look after you
We’ll put you in a uniform
And tell you what to do
We’ll put you through basic training
Learning many skills
We’ll give you a deadly weapon
And teach you how to kill
You’ll travel to distant places
Just like a band of brothers
It all sounds so romantic
But no one asks the mothers

The president makes the resolution
Post troops out overseas
Discord in a distant country
We must bring them to their knees
They need a draught of American freedom
To transform their warped perspective
We must teach those folks a lesson
And silence their invective
The decision is passed along
Enacting it is left to others
It is signed, sealed and then delivered
But no one asks the mothers

But mothers get to sit and wait
And mothers get to cry
Wondering how their sons are faring
Beneath a foreign sky
Awaiting the sudden phone call
Always looking to the clock
And listening out at daybreak
For the early morning knock
Far away the lads do battle
One son, like countless others
Will live or die as fate decides
But no one asks the mothers