Reluctant Voters

So terribly busy, they can’t find the time
So much to do as they sit and they whine
The feckless, the witless, the idle, the bloated
Bragging about how they never voted

It might rain, I might get wet
Can’t I do it on the internet?
Or click a message on my new mobile?
That would make it seem worthwhile
Can I do it in the burger bar?
Maybe as I drive through in my car
I’ve got to get home and have my tea
And watch a film on my DVD

Meanwhile in a distant land
Desperate voters take their stand
Walking miles at break of day
Just for once to have their say
Not minding if they’re forced to queue
That’s the process you must go through
Women get roughed up by a thug
Responding with a subdued shrug
Hoping that this one’s for real
And the outcome isn’t already sealed
An opportunity at last to use your voice
The slender chance to make a choice

Meanwhile the apathetic must stay mute
They’re all the same, men in suits
Let’s hope you never have to pay 
The price for turning the other way
Or ever have to stand and fight
Or disappear in the dead of night
No time to argue, no space to resist
Or reclaim the chances, already missed
Then sit wondering how it all got skewed
And democracy led to servitude
Take a warning and don’t lose sight
Certain ideologies sleep very light