Ban The Poet

Ban the poet, ban the poet
Chuck them in the bin
They encourage every evil
They condone all kinds of sin
Burn their anthologies
Spread the ashes far and wide
This poison must be eradicated
Civilization is on the slide

 Ban the poet ban the poet
It has all gone much too far
You can see the evidence everyday
Too many bear the scar
You don’t want them in your district
Knocking on your doors
With their twisted rhythm patterns
And their malevolent metaphor

Their literate alliteration
Can easily poison minds
They’re far too influential
This is what we find
If we cannot incarcerate them
Or point a gun and shoot
We must take steps to silence them
At least they will be mute

Ban the poet ban the poet
How hard can it really be?
It’s not a profitable enterprise
Like gambling or pornography
Who needs those types anyway?
With their all too knowing verse
Clever words and phrases
Contrive to make things worse 

Ban the poet, ban the poet
It makes a kind of sense
They only cause confusion
Among the idle and the dense
Cleanse the bookshelves and the airwaves
Run them out of town
Their followers will stay silent
When they see what’s going down

Ban the poet, ban the poet
They’re evil and they lie
They will pierce your soundbite rainbow
With a jaundiced, marble eye
Some might say it is a step too far
To sink them without trace
But I say it is high time
We wiped the smile right off their face

Keep my thoughts under leaded sheets
Avoiding every vice
And keep my questions answered
A guideline will suffice
I don’t want repercussions
I don’t want to cause a scene
We must beware of wordsmiths
You don’t know where they’ve been