A job is a job when all’s said and done
The principal aim is to pay your way
Some will absorb a whole lifetime
Others may last less than a day

Your pay is determined by demand and supply
And quite possibly linked to inflation
And if they’re not disposed to remunerate much
They will start to use words like vocation

And if they want to keep you for a very long stretch
Working for year after year
They will give steady increases as time passes by
And tell you it’s a rewarding career

New responsibilities, fresh challenges
Dynamic and ripe for success
No skivers or shirkers, no feckless time-wasters
We want only the best of the best

So give your all, your heart, your soul
The corporation is your true lifelong friend
       But when they streamline the job, don’t get too upset
If it all should turn sour in the end

It’s all just a game, they like you to play
The aim is to keep you dancing on your toes
Ducking and diving, moving and shaking
Cutting your strings when the cold wind blows