Too Big For This Town

When corner boys step back as you approach them
Rocking very gently on their heels
And the chancers in the bookies glance in your direction
Regardless of the runners in the field
When you can stride up to the bar in any local
And know you will not need to buy a round
A voice inside your head may start to whisper
Listen boy you’re too big for this town

When your name is dropped by those in conversation
Lounging in the smoke-filled, crowded rooms
And the man who pots the black ball stops to listen
To the wisdom which permeates the fumes 
When the local paper talks of local heroes
And politely does request an interview
And even talks of paying your expenses
This town is no longer big enough for you

When you never venture out until the midday
Since it was dawn before you went to bed
And you wear a long dark coat with turned-up collar
And a black brimmed hat is placed upon your head
When you are safely seated at your favourite table
And groups of people start to turn around
And you don’t so much as bat a single eyelid
Then you know you’re too big for this town

One day you’ll take the early morning train out
And wave a cheery long last goodbye
And think of the loved ones left behind you 
Don’t forget your roots they may well cry
But inside they will feel a strange resentment
Which festers with each passing year
And if they hear of any word of failure
You won’t catch them crying in their beer

He’s big-headed now and lost his local accent
He thinks he is a cut above the rest
There were plenty more with his kind of talent
He wasn’t necessarily the very best
People like him are two a penny
Anyone can make that kind of sound
Soon he’ll crawl back as a sorry has-been
That man who once was too big for this town